Pietra Poolside Restaurant

BOUTIQUE GASTRONOMY: Making everyday dining a little bit extraordinary


Pietra Poolside Restaurant

For Greeks dining and wine are a way to come together, to share stories, to communicate. It is a time fitted in our busy schedules dedicated to ourselves and our loved ones. It is the time when we can be ourselves. This is exactly what Restia Suites prides itself of offering.

Pietra poolside restaurant is the center of all gastronomic experiences created by our Chef at Restia Suites throughout every day of your stay.

Starting from the summer season of 2021 we introduce the concept of BOUTIQUE GASTRONOMY in Corfu : Personal attention on every dish and every guest. A week or two of unpretentious, comfortable, high-quality dining experience totally dedicated exclusively to the hotel's guests from Breakfast all the way to dinner.


Pietra's Menu

Daily boutique gastronomy

Running from breakfast all the way to dinner-has the intention to familiarize our guests with the new trends in Greek gastronomy as well as local products hoping to make everyone part of the Greek dining 'ritual'. The daily theme concept is completed by matching our Chef's creative ideas with Greek spirits namely wines, local beer, distillates and liquors that have specifically been chosen for these days. Restia Suites guests can rest assured that when departing from the hotel they have had a complete.

Guests of Restia Suites can rest assured that upon leaving the hotel they have had a complete Greek culinary experience in one place.

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