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Through private tours, boat hires to adventurous drives to medieval villages, you realize how much Corfu has to offer.

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Private Tours

Guided tours are designed to be much more than just tours. They are immersive experiences of real local life through genuine contact with Corfiot culture and customs. "Corfuting" provides the most authentic experience of Corfu possible!


Rent A Car

Discover the best of this picturesque island when you rent a car in Corfu.

Flanked by mountains on one side and perched along the bright blue waters of the Ionian Sea, the island has no shortage of stunning landscapes, which you can enjoy at you own pace by renting a car.

a school of fish in the ocean


Scuba Diving in Corfu is an exciting experience for visitors and for the residents of the island. This is due to the increased biodiversity, excellent visibility of water and mild winds predominate, especially during summertime.

Vertical underwater cliffs that lead to chaotic depths, remote and rocky reefs, underwater caves and shipwrecks, home to many species of rare aquatic organisms such as fish, colourful sponges, corals, invertebrates and beautiful underwater plants.

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Boat Hire

Renting a boat gives you a great opportunity to explore the green scenery and the crystal clear waters this beautiful part of Corfu has to offer, as well as some of the most famous sightseeings like Kassiopi, Eimitis nature reserve, The Durrells white house, Sidari-Canal D'amour & Cape Drastis.

people riding horses on the beach

Horse Riding

A fantastic way to experience some of the best countryside is by horseback riding while on vacation.

By choosing this activity not only do you get to trek through the wildlife reserve, you also get to go along the beaches hidden away on this peninsular. North Corfu is truly a remarkable area and a perfect place for horseback riding.


Cycling Tour

Cycling on Corfu is hugely enjoyable and rewarding. You experience so much more of the island and its culture and much of the cycling isn't too challenging.

It is an island where you can tailor your cycling to your abilities fairly well. The sights and smells you will experience through the olive groves are fantastic.