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Craft your special memories together!

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Extra Premium Choices

They can be romantic, peaceful, energetic, contemplative, simple, gastronomic, sparkling, unexpected your days at Restia Suites! Βut will always be privileged. Make the most of them, they are precious memories. All our Packages offer all the essentials for a special getaway and quality time with your significant other. To complement the season, a special event, a cultural celebration or even when we don't need a reason.

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Our Honeymoon package option is a gem in your vacation days at Restia Suites. Couples worldwide seeking unforgettable experiences & extraordinary adventures to cherish their love and craft timeless memories.


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Honeymoon Premium

Our Premium honeymoon package option is a gem in your vacation days at Restia Suites to celebrate your honeymoon with your loved ones & premium advantages. Seeking unforgettable experiences to cherish their love and craft timeless memories.


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Special occasions such as your birthday, your anniversary, or maybe a marriage proposal during your stay with us can be upgraded with the existence of the Celebration package and everything it offers to make these days even more special and unforgettable.


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This package offers a perfect blend of relaxation, adventure, and rejuvenation for you during your stay with us, for the purpose of making your stay even more unique.


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Full Experience

Our Full Experience Package is designed to exceed your expectations during your stay by offering a curated selection of amenities, activities, and services that cater to your unique preferences and interests.


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Our Memorable Package presents a unique opportunity to showcase the natural beauty of our coastal destinations. Provides you memorable experiences, relaxation and rejuvenation.


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Our Serene provides you a tranquil oasis where you can disconnect from your daily stressors and reconnect with yourselves and nature, making your stay with us more special.


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