Restia Suites Exclusive Resort

An exclusive paradise for adults

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Holidays designed for couples
Restia Suites Exclusive Resort

Staying at Restia Suites is not just a matter of a room to stay while on holidays. It's not only about the kind of dinner you will experience. It's a philosophy of being- as a couple. At Restia you can just be yourself. You have the time and space to reconnect. To rest. To relax. At Restia you feel like you belong. You matter. All aspects of the hotel's operations revolve around you. From arrival to departure, from breakfast to dinner, all our people are there to assist you in fulfilling your goal. The goal of total relaxation, carefree.

We've been expecting you... This is your time away when you can let yourself go - together. Restia Suites introduces the ultimate indulging experience. A refuge of privacy and serenity, this gracious boutique hotel combines elegant design and discreet charm. A relaxing adults only resort which intends to create a private hideaway in tune with nature, simple yet luxurious, fresh and romantic. Idyllic surroundings and a classic simplicity make this exclusive resort the perfect place to revitalize in a stylish atmosphere.

A feast of unique flavors
Boutique Gastronomy
Premium Suites
Premium Suite with Private Pool & Private Garden

Imagine that you are opening the gate into your private garden, and you immediately sense a feeling of relaxation coming from the sounds of the birds and the overflowing water of your private pool. The green grass and the crystal clear water help you unwind and feel safe that this is your time to unwind.

Imagine waking up to your own private pool after a long restful sleep and enjoying a dip before your long comfortable breakfast. Or maybe enjoying this last drink of the evening with your other half under the romantically dimmed lights of your own private garden listening to the mesmerizing sound of crickets.

Premium Suite Sea View

As you step in the Sea View suites you instantly feel that light, serene and peaceful atmosphere. You admire the magnificent view of the ocean which is the highlight of this little hideaway.. The light wood floor and furniture, the white ceilings and beige walls with the delicate and refined decor instantly remind you that you are in the Mediterranean. From this suite you'll enjoy open views of the Ionian Sea at the exact point where the sun sets, in complete serenity.

Premium Suite Garden View

Imagine waking up in the morning and you pull the curtains, this warm Greek sun enters and the direct view to the gardens gives you the ability to just pause for a moment. Imagine reading your book in the exclusivity of your own spacious balcony when you realize the smell from the fresh oregano that is growing all around the property. In the evening you watch the sunset as you relax on your reclining armchair and you enjoy the open horizon with its freedom.

Explore Corfu

Corfu, the Grand Lady of all Greek Islands, is characterised by its cosmopolitan and vibrant Old Town but also its picturesque villages and crystal clear waters. Venetians, English, French, Russians, Greeks all lived and flourished here, and left their mark on the island's numerous sights and attractions. They composed a diverse culture that lives on in every musical note of Corfu's marching bands, in each glass of kumquat liqueur, in the labyrinthine alleyways of Campiello, in every love affair that sparks up in the Canal d'Amour. Corfu - or Kerkyra as it is known in Greek - certainly knows how to seduce you.