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    Corfu hides many beauties and unique spots and places that are worth visiting when you are on the island.

Antinioti Lagoon

One of the most beautiful natural landscapes of Corfu, Antinioti lagoon, also known as the "lake of lilies" or the "lake of the orchids", located at the northeastern tip of the island and it is part of the "Natura 2000". 

Wildflowers, reeds, aquatic plants that do not exist anywhere else in the Ionian Islands. More than 90 species of migratory birdshave been recorded at the important wetland, while 16 species of orchids are located where many lilies float on its surface.

Old Perithia. The abandoned village

The old village of Perithia is located in the northern part of Corfu, only 15 min drive from Restia Suites. According to the history of Corfu, the village was created round 740 b.C. and at the end of World War II  the village was gradually abandoned.

Old Perithia is an excellent example of architecture and measure. It has about 130 houses, that were built mostly by following the Venetian architecture’s orders and are built of stone as well as the streets of the village.

Nymfes Waterfalls

At a distance of about 8km from Restia Suites lies the traditional village of Nymfes and their famous waterfalls.

The Waterfalls of Nymfes are the most impressive of the whole island and they are located just outside Nymfes, this lovely village which, is built on the slopes of  mountain Pantokratoras , in a verdant area with oak and holly trees.

Kassiopi Village

The vibrant fishing village of Kassiopi is on the northeast tip of Corfu, only 10 minutes drive from Restia Suites. It has played a major role in the island’s history, as can be seen by the impressive ruins of the castle overlooking the harbor, which was a major stronghold in Byzantine and Venetian times

Attractive small bays can be reached in a short walk around the headland, and small boats can be chartered to enable visitors to explore the delightful villages, tavernas, and beaches of the beautiful northeast coast.

Canal D'Amour

The Canal of Love (or Canal d’amour) is perhaps the most famous and special beach of the whole island. It is located between the villages of Sidari and Peroulades, on the northern coast of the island at a distance of about 16 km from Restia Suitesi. 

The Canal of Love is a masterpiece of nature, perhaps the only one in the Mediterranean. The continuous influence of the elements of nature changes from year to year the natural landscape in the Canal of Love, creating in other places canals with turquoise waters and in other small caves and coves.

Kerasia Beach

In one of the most beautiful locations on the whole island, is nestled Kerasia, an impressive beach only 15 minutes drive from Restia Suites, with white pebbles, lush vegetation and crystal clear waters. 

Kalami Beach

The beach on the northeastern coast of the island, enchants the visitor at first sight. A beach with small pebbles and crystal clear waters, surrounded by a green landscape with pines and cypresses. It is fully organized and has been awarded the Blue Flag of the European Union for its clear waters.

It offers a wide variety of water sports, such as water skiing, canoeing and pedal boating. Towards the end of the beach, you will see the house where the author Lawrence Durrell lived, the so-called "White House" of the early 20th century, which inspired "Prospero's Cell".

Kouloura Beach

Overlooking one of the most photographed ports of the Corfu countryside, the small pebble beach of Kouloura, is almost isolated, to the left of the picturesque village of Kouloura.

The scenery on this beach is enchanting. Tall cypresses, which reach almost to the sea, offer shade to bathers who choose to swim in its turquoise waters. 

Corfu Old Town

Cantons, beautiful old houses and architectural monuments, churches and a special atmosphere: Corfu Old Town is one of the attractions that visitors have a lot to see. The Venetian and medieval architecture of the Old Town creates a beautiful environment.

The Fortresses, the Palaces, the Spianada, the Liston, the church of Agios Spyridon, the Metropolis of Corfu, are just some of the points of interest in the Old Town, which has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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